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Moncler Factory Outlet HomeNewsUK World NewsTommy RobinsonNo, Tommy Robinson hasn’t been moved to a 71 per cent Muslim prisonEven if he had been moved to the prison people are claiming, it doesn’t have a 71 per cent Muslim populationTommy Robinson streamed outside Leeds Crown CourtGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAn MEP who was too right wing for UKIP has made a spirited defence of Tommy Robinson in the European Parliament today.Independent Janice Atkinson, who has also flirted with the fascist group Europe of Nations and Freedom, claimed Robinson was in danger due to being placed in a prison with a high Muslim population.And she sparked anger by making her statement moments after the chamber had taken to their feet to buy moncler in london mark the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox.Rumours of Robinson’s transfer have swirled around social media today, with some sources claiming he had been transferred to a prison with a 71 per cent Muslim population.Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison after winning an appealBut he hasn’t.Here’s why.Where has this rumor come from?The usual suspects.The claims originate from Tommy Robinson’s ‘manager’, moncler jacket sale a man called Caolan Robertson.And he made the claims directly to Alex Jones, boss of far right crank conspiracy theory website InfoWars, who broadcast them to his millions of followers.Meghan Markle’s half sister wants Tommy Robinson to be freed branding 13 month jail sentence ‘ridiculous’Robertson told Jones he had been on the phone to Robinson who had told him he had been moved from HMP Hull which was “relatively safe” and had around a “two per cent” Muslim population, and placed in the “main wing” of a new prison.HMP Liecester has a Muslim population of 14.3 percentAccording to the most recent inspection of HMP Leicester, the Muslim population was 44, which is 14.3 per cent.The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that not only does Hull have almost twice the number of Muslims as Leicester, there are also more Roman Catholics in HMP Leicester than Muslims.OK, so it must be another prison in the Midlands, right? Fraid not.We checked the religious breakdown of every prison in the Midlands, because that’s our job. We even included Derbyshire, which isn’t really the Midlands, for completeness’ sake.The prison with the highest Muslim population in the Midlands is Onley, which is nowhere near Leicester. Some 30.4 per cent of Olney prisoners are Muslim.Tommy Robinson took Cambridgeshire police to court and a circus unfolded outsideSecond place goes to Lowdham Grange, which is also nowhere near Leicester, and has a 24.3 per cent Muslim population Moncler Factory Outlet.

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