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Direct Group is a unique, hybrid insurance organisation. They have a proven reputation as developers of insurance products coupled with in depth expertise, people, systems and access to underwriting capacity. They create and deliver a wide range of carefully tailored general insurance products to the UK’s intermediary and affinity marketplace and sell branded solutions across multiple channels.

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The original brief was to support a system to manage their letting market products. The service had to consider thousands of potential customer questions and responses to determine the right product offering. It also had to be secure, compliant with FSA standards and be able to handle large volumes of data in a high change environment.


The Quantiv Analysts embarked on the discovery phase with the team at Direct Group looking at their core processes and needs. Then, based on the results the Quantiv team worked closely with Direct Group’s inhouse team. The design, development and implementation was done on the Quantiv Technical Underwriting Software which has with the capacity to manage Direct Goup’s insurance portfolio while still integrating with legacy systems.

The team identified the most important challenges the company faced and created a solution. A fully customisable website with an underwriter product builder and sales and marketing toolkit. This was underpinned by a platform including rules and ratings engine, payment services, metrics and a policy and document management system.



Quantiv delivered all of Direct Group’s requirements to the letter. No outages meant that the company’s services were always available, allowing Direct Group to gain market share quickly and assuring rapid growth. They have been able to add multiple insurance products under the ‘Simple’ brand.

Direct Group have the freedom and control to seamlessly develop products to meet the needs of any target market. This, in turn, allows them to move fast and be first to market with products designed to meet specific requirements.

Direct Group can now monitor where they are making money and where they can improve. So they’re more responsive to a dynamic market and can develop targeted marketing campaigns. With Quantiv’s help Direct Group are constantly developing their business. Offering more services, better products and have the flexibility to adapt to a changing market and the control to meet customers’ needs.