Jack Wills - Fast Track 100 brand

Jack Wills


Jack Wills was founded in 1999 by Peter Williams and Robert Shaw, the former  naming the company after his grandfather, Jack Williams. The Aubin & WIlls followed in 2008. The stores operate in the UK, Ireland, USA and Hong Kong. Many of the stores are in authentic historical buildings in the UK from old pubs (Kings Road) to town houses (Marlow). The online business provides international shipping to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong.

Jack Wills are one the fastest growing retailers in the UK and are one of the only brands to have won the coveted FastTrack Best Brand Award two years in a row.
Although expanding internationally, CEO Peter Williams has stated that the brand will remain “British, British, British.


In 2007 when Jack Wills turnover was circa £20m their existing ERP solution had reached its limits in terms of flexibility and capacity. When looking at future growth projections they were keen to not only choose a platform on which their current sales and service processes could be designed and deployed.

However, given previous experience and growing popularity of the brand, even more important was the ability to quickly and cost effectively optimise these processes over time to continually improve the experience for the customer across all touch points.


In 2007 Quantiv worked with the team at Jack Wills to design, develop and deliver an end to end system.

The Ecommerce Software handles all business processes to support sales and service functions across all customer touch points.We work closely with Jack Wills team, from the initial design phase to mapping the processes required and modelled these into the Quantiv Ecommerce Software.

The rapid growth they have enjoyed to date has since led them to implement SAP to support their international distribution demands. However they wanted toto retain the  Ecommerce Software to support customer touchpoints, ensuring maximum flexibility to deliver the best possible customer experiences.


Jack Wills have enjoyed phenomenal growth, from £20m turnover in 2007 to in excess of £100m today.

Ever progressing Jack Wills is one of the first retailers to introduce iPads to the shop floor from a fully integrated system that has common stock visibility across all channels and the capability to dispatch from anywhere. Emergent initiatives such as Multichannel Gift Vouchers and iPad deployments are now designed and implemented quickly and effectively on the industry proven scalable, secure, robust Ecommerce Software.

Using Quantiv’s Ecommerce software has also given Jack Wills the capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of their target market, constantly developing and adapting to consumer demands. They are also able to monitor and respond quickly to changes in consumer behaviour and demand, having the controls required to stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.