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Meadow Foods


Meadow Foods Ltd was founded in 1992 as a farmer-backed dairy trading business, merging with Bodfari in 1995 to obtain a large dairy processing facility and their own dedicated farmer supply leading them to become the largest independent dairy in the UK.

Meadow process a dedicated and secure supply of more than 500 million litres of farm assured milk per year. With their network of farmers, they supply more than 100,000 tonnes of high quality bulk dairy products to large and small scale manufacturers operating in sectors such as prepared foods, bakery, confectionery and ice cream.

The Quantiv system has given us far greater flexibility to add new products and processes, with minimal time, effort or cost.


A key feature of its rapid growth has been the company’s drive to both enter new markets and update its business processes. Meadow Foods has made significant investments in leading-edge food processing technologies and therefore wanted an underlying IT system to support their growth ambitions.

In the existing systems data entry was manual and duplicated across functions and there was virtually no integration between financial and operational processes. The company had an urgent need for a system which would facilitate not only tight management control across the business, but also the governments strict traceability requirements.


Meadow Foods selected Quantiv to create a custom-fitting system to manage every aspect of the business.  A phased approach was adopted, beginning with the creation of operational systems before integrating financial functionality throughout to ensure complete control. The company elected to harness Quantiv’s extensive business analysis and technical skills to carry out the implementation.

The system begins processing data the moment a tanker of milk or cream arrives on site, capturing its weight and validating it against the schedule of expected deliveries. A unique event number then allows all stages of the process to be captured consistently and retrieved at will; the information captured creating a complete picture of the financial, operational and quality aspects.

Wherever possible, data capture and processing steps have been automated, and a daily summary identifies volumes in and out of site along with calculated losses.

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Thanks to Quantiv Meadow Foods’ management team now has complete visibility of all the key cost and profit points across the business, and has helped fuel the company’s growth. These profit and productivity increases have been achieved with the addition of only relatively few administration employees.

“We are delighted with Quantiv, the system has truly transformed our business,” said Damian McDonald, Financial Director with Meadow Foods. “The system offers scalable supply chain, accounting and ERP functionality, meaning that we can easily meet the demands of our growing customer base without having to invest heavily in new infrastructure.”

“By adopting the Quantiv system we did not require any subsequent IT systems.  The Quantiv system allows us to adapt and provides us with a firm foundation for future growth. The Quantiv system has given us far greater flexibility to add new products and processes, with minimal time, effort or cost.”