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Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is the UK’s government department responsible for the implementation of government defence policy and innovation and is also the headquarters for the British Armed Forces.

The MoD Centre of Defence Enterprise (CDE) is the first point of contact for technology suppliers with solutions that have a potential defence application. They are the gateway between the MoD and the outside world, ensuring that front line forces have the very best equipment and technologies for the future.

Innovation is an important part of the MoD’s work; innovation is a key driver for responding quickly to new threats as they emerge and evolve. The timely execution of new initiatives is of imperative importance.


The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) worked with a range of technology providers and it was recognised internally that the process of dealing with ideas from concept to creation was at times a lengthy and inefficient process. The CDE decided that it needed to improve how it engaged, collaborated and innovated with its partner community.

The MoD operates from a number of global bases therefore they needed a flexible multi-territory service platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with people and organisations across the world. The MoD had to be certain the company that would implement their new system be up to their high security standards.


Quantiv started by focussing on the CDE’s experiences, mapping their complex supplier interaction processes; and then created a secure and robust commerce platform to substantially improve their innovation capabilities.

The team modelled these processes onto Quantiv’s Supplier Collaboration Software, developing a service portal which is their secure online submission system.  A ‘traffic light system’ then allows critical information to be processed quickly and efficiently on a global scale both at GCHQ and at ‘front line’ locations, accelerating the delivery of the best inventions.


See the CDE’s website here



The MoD now has radically improved the way in which it engages, collaborates and innovates with its technology partner community from all over the globe.  Problems previously dealt with in isolation are now worked on collaboratively leading to accelerated delivery of technology solutions (such as 3D imaging equipment) to the front line.

This improvement will lead to the British forces being provided with equipment that will provide a competitive advantage on the battlefield.