Quantiv Order Management Software


Order Management

Businesses that are service focussed require the ability to flex their processes in line with their customer requests when it comes to serving their needs. Order management and execution flexibility is key:

  • Order Configuration
  • Order Taking
  • Order Fulfilment

Tailored and differentiated service greatly improve a company’s ability to retain and develop the relationships with its customers.


Order Management Software

Quantiv’s order management platform allows you to manage your business critical processes from both a merchandising  and order management perspective. Quantiv work with teams in the enterprise in the following areas:

Quantiv solutions fit your required processes and can also be optimised over time.


Increased Sales

We have helped a number of high profile brands to grow and optimise their sales revenues by helping them to quickly enable solutions to drive growth through their existing and emerging channels :

  • International
  • Multi-Brand
  • Mobile

These sites are created within and  managed from a single platform, enabling the brands to drive customer engagement and make it easier for them to shop with you.